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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Capt. Hiram and Nancy Staples Eaton and daughter Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Eaton (Mrs. Nathaniel Dow)

When Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Eaton was born on August 16, 1849, in Searsport, Maine, her father, Capt. Hiram Eaton was 34, and her mother, Nancy Staples Eaton was 30. She married Wilson Nathaniel Dow in 1872. They had seven children in 20 years. She died on March 1, 1920, in her hometown at the age of 70.
THOUGHTS: As I have started an in-depth look at the family of Hiram and Nancy Eaton and their children, I have been gripped by the tragic side of their lives.
Their first two children, Mabel and David, died in 1880 at just 7 and 2 years old. What happened that year?...I don't yet know. Their son Lester died at 38 and their daughter Ellen died a 28.
Hiram and Nancy's son Capt William Eaton was off of Tampico, Mexico and died when eaten by sharks! And son James Eaton married Nellie Wise and had a daughter. When daughter Lillian at age 30 and Nellie were at their home, Nellie fell and accidentally knocked over an oil lamp destroying their home with both women dying in the fire!
Hiram's daughter Lizzie Eaton married Wilson Nathaniel Dow and soon began to build their family. My Grandmother always told me there was a Dow surname in the family but she was unable to share the kinship. Found the Dows!
To me the most tragic loss was that of Lizzie's daughter Nellie who married Daniel Robertson. Nellie became pregnant with twins Gina and Nina, but found herself suffering from Eclampsia which is evidently a complication of blood pressure and even organ issues which results in mal grand seizures and even coma and death. Nellie died. Nina died. Gina suffered heart defect issues and died within 6 months. This young family was no more.
Lizzie Eaton Dow, daughter of Hiram and Nancy, was one of several siblings. Her brother Lester Clarence Eaton was my Great Grandfather. In her later years, as a widow, Lizzie lived with my Great Grandparents, Lester and Pru, at our family farm on Turnpike Road in Searsport in 1920. I finally have the Dow link and know someone else associated with my dearly loved family farm where I visited as a child, not often enough, to see my Grandmother, Esther Eaton.
There were other tragedies. And, there were many celebrations of love, life and living, I am sure; as there are in my generation. When researching genealogy, it is more common to find the losses and less common to find the celebrations.
I celebrate my ancestry.