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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snippets of Biographies - Why?

My parents, me and my little sister in the 1940s

I am Donna Cator and over the decades I have become the family genealogist...a collector of photos and family history.

My family history works are available in my website

One of the problems that I have encountered is research is time consuming and the, although written in other than typical tree form, still stumbles when it comes to sharing the family memories and researched family snippets that tell the underlying tales of a strongly bridged family.  For my sons and their sons and daughters, and for their future generations, for my husband, and for my sister and her family, and for my many cousins, and for all the cousins of the various branches of our rooted tree, I offer this easier-to-follow blog to be filled with photos and small tales of our kinfolk, far and near, and in heaven or still on earth. And, so, I begin....with love.

 "There is properly no history, only biography." 
                                          Ralph Waldo Emerson